Coloring Books

As a designer of coloring books, I take pride in my craft, and I am passionate about providing my customers with a diverse range of coloring book options. My coloring books cater for a wide variety of interests and skill levels, from simple and easy designs for kids and beginners to more intricate patterns for intermediate and advanced artists. My coloring books are not limited to any particular genre or theme, as I create designs that encompass everything from animals, nature scenes, and fantasy landscapes to abstract art and mandalas. I believe that creativity should be accessible to anyone and everyone, and I strive to make my coloring books affordable and easy to use, so that people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of coloring.

Cooking and Recipes

Cooking is a necessity. And it not only provides me with nourishment and energy, but it also serves as a platform for me to express my creativity and engage in a therapeutic activity that brings me joy and satisfaction. As I have grown and developed in the kitchen, I have sought out new recipes and techniques, expanding my repertoire and exploring different cuisines. The process of cooking is an art form for me, requiring precision, patience, and discipline. Through experimentation and discovery, I have found my own unique voice in the kitchen, and it is a crucial part of my identity. I believe that cooking is an incredibly valuable life skill, and I am grateful for the countless opportunities it has provided me to showcase my talents and bring joy to those around me.

Antique decor, vintage everything, and trendy fashion

I have a deep appreciation for the charm and history of vintage and antique decor, combined with a passion for staying current with trendy fashion. Curating each piece to my own personal style. At the same time, I love embracing the latest trends in fashion. Trendy fashion keeps my wardrobe fresh and allows me to express my personal style in new and exciting ways. Balancing these interests, I enjoy curating a lifestyle that blends these items. This combination of vintage, antique, and trendy elements allows me to create a distinctive and eclectic aesthetic that reflects my individuality and love for an eclectic lifestyle that is truly unique.

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Who is Lisa Cortese?

I’m a Mom, a Grandmother, a Rancher, an aspiring Artist, a shopper, a Fashionista, and a Cook.  And this is just the beginning of the things ‘I am’.  I love cooking (and eating!), shopping, paint by numbers, hanging with my cows and grandsons.  Throw in an estate sale or antique market, and I’m a happy gal!

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