Arteza and Kingart Supplies

See below for some artist supplies from Arteza and KingArt.  Both are favorites.  Also note, these are affiliate links and I may make a small commission at no additional charge to you.  Thank you!

These colored pencils are the most popular at my house.  The kids like them too.  They color well and sharpen nicely.



72 pc Colored Pencils $56.87



Metallic Colored Pencils – Set of 50  $26.00



Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils Assorted Colors Coloring Set Non-Toxic – 48 Pack



Arteza Gel Ink Colored Pens Set Assorted Colors – Doodle Draw Journal – 60 Pack  $18.29



Arteza Fineliner Colored Pens Set 120 pcs.  $73.85

Sketch TwiMarkers™, Fine & Brush Dual-Tip – Set of 48  $32.99


Kingart Studio Watercolor Marker and Gel Pen Multipack 105 Pc $59.99



KINGART Fine Line Color Ink Pens Set of 48 $22.99


Kingart Studio Artist Sketch Tote Board 23 x 26  $17.49

Not strictly art, but these are so handy for coloring pages.  No accidental bleed through onto your table.  Gives a hard surface to work on.  Easily moved out of the way.  


These are really incredible.   They color large areas easily and blend a little.  Not good for small details. 

KINGART Mixed Media Gel Sticks Set of 48 Colors $28.60

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