Coloring Basics

Coloring Basics

We all love to color.  But most of us get stuck when we start to think about getting started.  You’ve just bought the nicest coloring book.  You look at the pages.  So pretty.  How to choose which one to start?  As they say, the hardest part is getting starting!  Just pick a page, any page.  And dive right in!  OK?

Here is an Amazon link to the coloring books I design.  Maybe one will speak to you!  Coloring Books

Choosing a Coloring Book

How do you choose a coloring book? Maybe you like birds? Or nature? Sometimes just the cover appeals to you. Decide with your heart! Here’s a few options for you!

Media (colored pencils, etc)

What do you like to use to color? Personally, I’m drawn to colored pencils. Here’s a few I really like! You can buy smaller sets, but I like having lots of color options.

Maybe you’d like to try markers? Absolutely! My coloring books are all one sided for the that reason alone. IF there is any bleed through it won’t affect the next illustration! Pretty nifty, huh?

A few extras!

These items will make your coloring adventure so much better! Sometimes it is the little things!

Electric Pencil Sharpeners. Yes, they can be a little pricey. But a good one will quickly and efficiently sharper your pencil perfectly without destroying it! And that’s a good thing!

Next, an eraser. Yes, you will need one at some point! It doesn’t always allow you to start with a blank space, but it can sure make it easier to fix a mishap!

That’s really the basics!

I’ll start exploring other options, more serious artist supplies, and fun finds in future blogs. Happy Coloring!

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